Vegetative and Flowering Stages of Cannabis on Stone Wool

Do you know what has to be taken in account for succesful cultivation? In this knowledge article we will tell you everything you need to know from the end of the propagation stage to the vegetative and flowering stages in cannabis cultivation.


Stone Wool for Cannabis Propagation from Seed and Vegetative Cuttings

Successful cannabis propagation starts with high-quality plugs for cloning or sowing. Whether starting from seed or vegetative propagation in the form of cuttings, there is high importance to use the right and most suitable growing medium.


Stone Wool Saturation: Why it is Important and How to do it Right

Similarly to other growing mediums, when stone wool is delivered it is dry, meaning, it contains 0% water. It has many benefits, such as lighter weight, more convenient transportation, and longer shelf-life for unused products. Therefore, when a grower plans to start the cultivation of cannabis, the first step (and a very critical one) is to initially saturate the stone wool.