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Cultiwool growing substrate are used in indoor growing systems and greenhouses worldwide. Trusted by hydroponic growers for over a decade, Cultiwool stone wool allow professional cultivators to grow more top quality produce with fewer inputs. The homogeneity of Cultiwool stone wool provides growers with a solid, consistent base for optimizing crop production. Cultivators can easily achieve a great balance of oxygen to nutrients and drive rapid plant growth. Cultiwool stone wool is clean, disease and pest free, lightweight, and easy-to-use.


Effortless start-up of propagation

Cultiwool Growing blocks and plugs are perfect for propagating young plants under a wide range of propagating conditions. The blocks and plugs are easy to saturate and water is distributed uniformly throughout the substrate, for reliable root development and plant growth.

Excellent root growth throughout the substrate

The Cultiwool stone wool ensures uniform distribution of water and nutrients throughout the block, encouraging the roots to penetrate deeply into the block.

Greater firmness for better handling

During the propagation stage, blocks generally will be manually or mechanically handled several times. Due to the greater firmness of the Cultiwool Growing blocks, this handling is no problem and the product will maintain its shape and structure. The stable firmness of the blocks becomes particularly important when the blocks are placed, spaced and picked up several times during propagation. Unique water distribution in and under the cube with the extra water chamber (donut ring) on top of the block and the cross grooves under the block.

How stone wool is made

Stone wool is a mineral fiber made out of basaltic rock. The basaltic rock is melted with 1600 degrees Celsius into a liquid substance. From this liquid substance, fibers are spon by high-tech fiberizing machines where a binder is added and collected on a belt to form a blanket. By adjusting the amount of pressure, fiber diameter can be controlled and by adjusting the speed of the belt the density of the media is adjusted. The blanket is cooled down in a furnace with different temperature compartments and different airflows where the stone wool get the firmness and final quality. The blanket is cut into large boards and palletized.

How our stone wool is perfectly tranformed

The large boards are cut in a special transformation unit at the Babik Group into smaller slabs, blocks and propagation plugs. High quality stone wool, such as Cultiwool, has a uniform fiber diameter, even binder distribution and a low proportion of shot. Shot is the number of mineral pellets that have not been spun into fibers. The most important property of high grade stone wool should be its homogeneous distribution of water throughout the substrate. The uptake of water should go quick and easy. Cultiwool distinguishes itself strongly from other substrates in this area. Cultiwool stone wool substrate is also a clean and inert product, with no pollutants or harmful bacteria. It does not lock up or release any substances, ensuring all water and nutrients are available to the plant. The fertilizer solution can not react with other elements as they are not available in the inert stone wool like in organic substrates as coco-peat.

Take advantage

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A homogeneous stone wool product is essential for unrestricted and regular root growth. Cultiwool stonewool produced in Europe is the highest quality stonewool in the market for hydroponic systems. Stonewool used in Cultiwool is certified by RHP. Therefor Cultiwool offers maximum uniformity to optimally control water and nutrient application. The result is a uniform crop that will result in higher yields, better quality, and less energy usage.

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Fast uptake of water

Reliable initial saturation is key to avoid dry spots in the substrate. Dry spots will create salt build up which results in an unbalanced block and should be avoided at all times. Cultiwool substrates have a faster and easier water uptake due to the high quality of stonewool.
This explains why stonewool used in Cultiwool is the only stonewool board in the highest category of RHP related to initial wetting-up.

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Total control

Water, EC and pH distribution can be very well controlled with Cultiwool rock wool substrates, both vegetative and generative, depending on the needs of the crop and at different moments during the cultivation.

Advanced features on 6x6x6/4 (150x150x142/98): donut ring and drain grooves Cultiwool is the first to introduce – as quality leader – the donut ring on a big block to improve the water distribution. For years Cultiwool has standard the highly appreciated drain grooves under her big blocks. The drain grooves approve the waterflow under the block.

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Unique waterdistribution

Cultiwool is the first to introduce – as quality leader – the donut ring on big blocks to improve the water distribution.
Already for many years Cultiwool has the highly appreciated drain grooves under the big
blocks to improve the waterflow under the block, specially on tables or small gutters.

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