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Cultiwool helps you and your plants grow. We do this by combining European quality, innovation and knowledge in a complete range. We focus on stone wool products of the highest quality with an eye for the smallest detail, but our strength lies in the collaboration with specialized partners in the field of technology and advice. Benefit from the flexibility and drive of a start-up in combination with the knowledge, skills and experience of a leader. All in one, together for your success.

High quality stone wool substrate

Everything we do together depends on the quality of the stone wool. It is a inert and clean, but also sensitive product. Cultiwool highly values the importance of safe substrates. That is why we only use top-quality European stone wool: the best available. Stone wool forms the basis of all our growing products. Therefore, its quality is essential. Nevertheless, the application of the stone wool is at least as important for achieving the best possible results. In this industry, it is the functional details that can make a particularly big difference; both positive and negative. That is why at Cultiwool we focus on these details and the continuity of quality in everything we do. Therefore also the knowledge page on our website to provide our customers easy to read and accessible knowledge articles.



At Cultiwool  we’re continuously looking to improve our stone wool product range with product solutions that allow us to reduce risk and secure fruitful cultivation in the best possible way. Think of smart and innovative solutions in terms of water, light, composition, and nutrition. Everything to promote excellent root growth. These product features make each of Cultiwool's products recognizable and unique. More importantly, they make our stone wool products even more efficient, easier, and safer to use. This is a responsibility we dare to bear. Because we know that we deliver the best quality with as little risk as possible. We provide this guarantee from a background with a lot of combined knowledge, skills, and experience. If you want to be ahead of the curve, you choose Cultiwool.

RHP certified product

The stone wool used in the Cultiwool products is certified by RHP and all products meet the highest requirements related to heavy metals set by the horticulture industry. RHP has been the European knowledge center for growing media since 1963. With the RHP quality mark, you increase the security that the substrate complies with the quality requirements concerning, for instance, water uptake, air content, pH, EC, and nutrients. It also offers more security in that the substrate is pure and clean and that it can be used without risks to the cultivation. The RHP quality mark monitors the quality of growing media in the chain, from raw materials production to processing and delivery at the company of the user.

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Combining forces

The power of success goes beyond a quality product. This power lies in the partnerships we have with various specialists. We work together with people who, like us, believe that things can be done differently and, above all, better. These are people with years of experience and vision. Together we ensure progress in our industry and take steps where others fail. Every successful cultivation starts with a good substrate, but you make the difference with specialist advice on creating an ideal growing environment and the best (technological) innovations in the field of observation, control, light supply, and quality control. Together with our partners, Cultiwool offers you the complete picture. We are proud of that! Because it means you are assured of the best quality with the least possible risk. And that's the route to maximum results.

Part of your operation

Like our partners, our customers are part of our success. It is the people who work with our products every day, who can provide us with the most valuable input. We like to hear what you have to say. Is handling not running efficiently? Is there a problem? We listen and solve it. In an industry where the smallest problems with quality or efficiency in use can have major consequences in a process where time and mistakes are precious, we are the accessible partner who thinks along with you. It is up to us to unburden our customers in every detail. After all, your success is also our success.

Cultiwool and the Babik Group

Cultiwool is a brand by the Babik Group. Babik Group is a family-owned company based in Poland that produces stone wool substrates, clay pebbles, and Mapito for the international professional horticulture market. The company has many years of experience in the production of substrates and works closely with prominent growers worldwide. This has resulted in a wide, reliable, and safe product range. All substrates are produced by Babik Group in Europe and are shipped directly to growers all over the world to guarantee a more flexible delivery.

Our advantages

  • Homogeneous and highly reliable substrates

  • Years of experience in transformation

  • Faster and easier uptake of water (RHP Category 1)

  • Partnership with leading stone wool producer

  • Maximum control of water, EC and pH

  • Certified by RHP, EURIMA, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

  • Quality substrates at competitive prices

  • Produced in Europe, directly shipped worldwide

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