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Cultiwool prides itself with a wide, reliable and safe product range. In addition to the starting plugs, blocks and slabs, the Cultiwool product range consists of a variety of products like stone wool grow cubes, used in the professional cultivation of cannabis. Customization is possible on request.

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GrowCubes are 1 cm X 1 cm X 1 cm in size, making them much smaller and lighter than the other products. The combination of these created an airy space for the roots to grow in and develop combined with optimal drainage. These can be used individually or mixed with other substrates, depending on the grower’s desires and goals. If you want to more about our complete product range? Download the Cultiwool product leaflet or feel free to contact us.

Download the Cultiwool product leaflet


Mapito is a popular stone wool substrate because roots really thrive in this mixture. Due to its coarse structure and high air content it offers the grower a good air to water ratio and excellent nutrient retention. This makes Mapito is a very good hydroponic grow media. The substrate is intended for the cultivation of plants grown in pots and other systems, e.g. crop bags, fields and cultivation/growth gutters.

Product name
Dimensions (in)
Dimensions (cm)
Units per box
Units per pallet
Volume per unit
Product nameGrowCubes
Dimensions (in)0.4 x 0.4 x 0.4
Dimensions (cm)1 x 1 x 1
Units per box-
Units per pallet-
Volume per unit-
Product nameMapito
Units per pallet52
Volume per unit80 L

Take advantage

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A homogeneous stone wool product is essential for unrestricted and regular root growth. Cultiwool stonewool produced in Europe is the highest quality stonewool in the market for hydroponic systems. Stonewool used in Cultiwool is certified by RHP. Therefor Cultiwool offers maximum uniformity to optimally control water and nutrient application. The result is a uniform crop that will result in higher yields, better quality, and less energy usage.

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Fast uptake of water

Reliable initial saturation is key to avoid dry spots in the substrate. Dry spots will create salt build up which results in an unbalanced block and should be avoided at all times. Cultiwool substrates have a faster and easier water uptake due to the high quality of stonewool.
This explains why stonewool used in Cultiwool is the only stonewool board in the highest category of RHP related to initial wetting-up.

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Total control

Water, EC and pH distribution can be very well controlled with Cultiwool rock wool substrates, both vegetative and generative, depending on the needs of the crop and at different moments during the cultivation.

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Unique water distribution

Cultiwool is the first to introduce – as quality leader – the donut ring on big blocks to improve the water distribution.
Already for many years Cultiwool has the highly appreciated drain grooves under the big
blocks to improve the waterflow under the block, specially on tables or small gutters.

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