Eden Horticulture and HydroGarden are Also on Board!

The more distributors choose to work with a company, the better people know the products of this company! Cultiwool has many distributors all over the world like in Europe, Canada, and the USA. And now, we are excited to officially announce the collaboration between Cultiwool and Eden Horticulture and HydroGarden in the United Kingdom!


Cultiwool’s European Distributor List is Growing!

Eden Horticulture is one of the UK’s leading manufacturer and distributor of hydroponic equipment and services. They design, manufacture and distribute industry-leading hydroponic brands throughout the UK and Europe, and have been supplying specialist hydroponic equipment to the trade since 2012.

HydroGarden has been supplying specialist hydroponic equipment to the trade since February 1996. They have become one of the leaders in the UK and international markets to retailers, commercial growers and research organisations.

It is not surprising that more and more distributors, now also including Eden Horticulture and Hydrogarden, are offering Cultiwool’s products. Our products promise uniform root growth, better plant development, a high-quality product, and an excellent yield! Cultiwool offers homogeneous stone wool substrates with maximum control of water, EC, and pH distribution, in order to match the needs of the crop at every moment. Innovative features as the donut ring and the cross-cut both distributors could not keep this away from its clients! 

Therefore, now you can get all the different products from the wide product range of Cultiwool from our UK distributors which you can find on our distributors page.

If you have any further questions about our products or this collaboration, please feel free to contact us, we are always happy to help!



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