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Hydrotek and Cultiwool have a powerful partnership that started more than two decades ago! As Hydrotek is our biggest distributor in North America, we came together to think about what we can do to encourage more people in the USA and Canada to adapt and maximize their cultivation efficiency to have better results. Therefore, here we are today, launching our very first Request a Free Cultiwool Sample campaign!

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As such, we give the opportunity to professional growers like Licensed Commercial Growers or Commercial Horticulture Enterprises* to experience the benefits of the various Cultiwool stone wool products! This one-time-only free sample deal will allow you to receive an appropriate amount of substrate to try on your own and have the possibility to confirm that this substrate is indeed what was missing in your operating facility to achieve better yield while lowering your inputs. Please note that this deal applies only to professional growers in the US and Canada and has some restrictions which our teams will discuss with you once you have registered your request for a Free Sample.

*this offer does not include personal medical growers or individual growers.

Both Cultiwool and Hydrotek’s specialists have always been working together to find the best solutions and sourcing for every customer to give them the best service, so they can achieve the best result in the end. We hope to welcome you on board, let us start with this sample and move ahead once you are ready. To start this adventure and make use of the Free Sample opportunity, click on the button below.

Request your free Cultiwool samples

If you have any questions or doubts about your participation in this campaign, please do not hesitate to contact us here or via our social media platforms! Follow us on FacebookLinkedIn, and Instagram for the latest updates and content from the field.

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Cultiwool ECO, the introduction of the most sustainable stone wool substrate at MJBizCon 2023!

We are beyond proud to announce that in 2024 Cultiwool is coming with a new line of stone wool products, Cultiwool ECO, and its first-ever display will be in the upcoming days at the MJBizCon, the biggest 2023 B2B cannabis conference and tradeshow in the industry, at the booth of one of our distributors, Hydrotek #24019!

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MJBizCon 2023 - Cultiwool is in Las Vegas this November!

The biggest 2023 B2B cannabis conference and tradeshow in the industry is getting closer! Where will you be on November 28th to December 1st? Cultiwool and its distributors will be at the Las Vegas Convention Center for the MJBizCon for sure!


Here come the GrowCubes! New Product Launch

Starting from this day, Cultiwool is offering its clients the stone wool GrowCubes.

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Where can I find Cultiwool?

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