Cultiwool ECO, the introduction of the most sustainable stone wool substrate at MJBizCon 2023!

We are beyond proud to announce that in 2024 Cultiwool is coming with a new line of stone wool products, Cultiwool ECO, and its first-ever display will be in the upcoming days at the MJBizCon, the biggest 2023 B2B cannabis conference and tradeshow in the industry, at the booth of one of our distributors, Hydrotek #24019!

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Always improving

The team of Cultiwool with their partners are always working, days and nights, researching, innovating, and developing new solutions based on the latest technologies, all with the goal of constantly improving our stone wool substrate, providing our growers with the best available in the market for an affordable price.

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Sustainable growth

So, what is ECO really about? A greener, more sustainable stone wool substrate, made with a binder that is based on natural ingredients. Produced with the latest state-of-the-art technology with the environment in mind, we are launching this stone wool product line, ECO, for both licensed medicinal cannabis growers as well as recreational growers worldwide and will be available for purchasing already in 2024! The characteristics of Cultiwool ECO are on the same high level as what you can expect of the quality leader of stone wool substrate in the industry with improved steerability and rooting in.

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Meet us at MJBizCon 2023

Moreover, Cultiwool’s Technical Sales Manager for North America, Ryan Wankel, will be there to answer your questions and have interesting discussions. Feel free to contact him if you want to arrange a quick meeting during your attendance at the event. Ryan will also be spending some time in each of the distributor’s booths (i.e., DL Wholesale at booth #51016, Hydrotek at booth #24019, or HTG Supply at booth #31030), so come by to meet up and discuss stone wool and cultivation.

More about Cultiwool

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Cultiwool very is happy to announce the new addition to our team; Meet Ryan Wankel, our new technical sales manager for North America!


Eden Horticulture and HydroGarden are Also on Board!

The more distributors choose to work with a company, the better people know the products of this company! Cultiwool has many distributors all over the world like in Europe, Canada, and the USA. And now, we are excited to officially announce the collaboration between Cultiwool and Eden Horticulture and HydroGarden in the United Kingdom!

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MJBizCon 2023 - Cultiwool is in Las Vegas this November!

The biggest 2023 B2B cannabis conference and tradeshow in the industry is getting closer! Where will you be on November 28th to December 1st? Cultiwool and its distributors will be at the Las Vegas Convention Center for the MJBizCon for sure!

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Where can I find Cultiwool?

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